Transport at controlled temperature
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What we do?

The ELITE brand is primarily a guarantee of safety and timeliness of services. From the very beginning of the company's existence, we focus on the quality of orders. We approach the needs of each of our contractors individually and professionally, creating a flexible and comprehensive offer in the field of broadly understood transport and forwarding services.

Youthful innovation, dynamism and determination, combined with tradition and experience, allows us to optimize route planning using the latest technologies. Each transport is fully supervised by our qualified staff, watching over 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year over the timely execution of orders. By using satellite vehicle monitoring (GPS) to track and send vehicles, we respond in real time, avoiding traffic jams and delays.

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Advanced monitoring systems watch over the temperature of our loads. As our customer, you have access to the same data 24 hours a day.

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Complicated refrigerated transport must be planned in detail so as not to expose the load to external factors.


We know how important information flow is for the smooth functioning of the entire supply chain, which is why we provide them with ongoing updating at every stage of the service. Your package will be picked up on time and reach its destination on the agreed date.


We have appropriate professional qualifications and qualifications to perform qualified refrigerated transport. We have extensive experience supported by years of work in this industry.


Our services are used by companies belonging to many different industries, including: pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, chemical or cosmetics.

Modern cars at your disposal

The basis for ensuring safe and timely refrigerated transport is a modern fleet adapted to transport goods at a controlled temperature. Thanks to modern technology, our company is able to offer you transport with constant temperature control inside the cargo space.

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• express transport
• transport of dangerous goods by road (ADR)
• refrigerated transport
• full truck load (FTL) and less than truck load (LTL) transport
• warehouse and transloading services


Express transport:

The express transport market is becoming more and more demanding. However, thanks to the implementation of new solutions and qualified personnel, we can guarantee that your goods will be delivered in compliance with the order. We get to the consignment collection point, usually within 1-2 hours after making the order throughout the entire Europe.

Express consignments are serviced with delivery vehicles whose weight cannot exceed 3,5 tones, thanks to which we provide our Clients with delivery to every corner of Europe in a very short time.

Transport of dangerous goods by road

Our service of dedicated transport of dangerous goods in accordance with ADR convention is fully professional and always in line with the Client's expectations
Taking into consideration the threat posed by the transport of dangerous goods, our priority in ADR transport is not only the timeliness of delivery but also the safety of carried consignments and all road users.

Every driver designated for the transport of dangerous goods is properly trained in this area and has the necessary certificates as well as the vehicles used are appropriately adapted and equipped.


We also expanded the range of our services by express transport of goods requiring a temperature-controlled transport. Thanks to this, the services provided by ELITE company meet the highest European standards.

In order to confirm the highest quality of our services, after completing the transport, we present our clients the printouts proving the proper temperature of the goods during loading, transport and unloading. In addition, each of our vehicles is equipped with special recording devices connected to the GPS system, thanks to which we have control over the temperature conditions inside the cooling box. As for the sake of the quality of services and safety we use only our own fleet of delivery vehicles whose age does not exceed 2 years. Another advantage is the equipment and cars’ body - each of our vehicles has very modern Thermo King refrigeration units, double-divided cargo space which allows us to transport goods in two different temperature ranges.

Our fleet is fully compliant with the requirements of the agreement on international carriage of perishable foodstuffs and special means of transport to be used for such carriage (ATP) as well as allows the carriage in the controlled-temperature conditions between -25 °C to + 25 °C.


Success-oriented and focused on the comprehensive customer service ELITE team offers not only express consignments but also proposes its Contractors solutions for the full truck load (FTL) and less than truck load (LTL).

Less than truck load (LTL) is a guarantee of low costs while maintaining optimal deadlines of the task realisation in accordance with the Client's order and means a load which uses only a part of the cargo space of the vehicle. If you do not care about the quick delivery of the product and its size is small, this choice will certainly be satisfying.

Full truck load (FTL) allows the maximum use of the cargo space and/or acceptable weight that can be transported by a given vehicle. This Client who rents the entire cargo area to transport his goods to a specific place, significantly reduces the time of the entire operation but also increases its safety. It is especially important when transporting valuable or sensitive goods, susceptible to destruction or maladapted to the long-term transport.

The individual and professional approach of our specialists to each Client guarantees the selection of the optimal solution.


Apart from forwarding services on the territory of European Union, we also offer full and partial loads from Western Europe to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Relevant experience, a group of carriers and customs agencies closely cooperating with us is a guarantee of services at the highest level.

Thanks to our own warehouse located at S8 route connecting Berlin with Moscow, we also offer services related to the completion and preparation of goods for the Eastern European market.
The convenient location of the warehouse along the S8 route is an ideal solution for goods transported from Western Europe to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In spite of the cargo operations and preparation of goods for the eastern market, we also help in creating the necessary transport and customs documentation.

The experience that we have gained in in the logistics of goods on the eastern markets, familiarity with the problems and obstacles that that accompany this, allowed us to create a wide range of services of the highest quality. The group of carriers and customs agencies cooperating with us is a guarantee of reliability in every task entrusted to us